– Moss is the biggest favorite to end on the top of the table

Strømsgodset 2 (SIF 2) ledes av den talentfulle treneren Vitor Gazimba, som vår egen Ole Martin Nesselquist kjenner fra UEFA A-lisenskurs i 2016. 

Portugiseren har bakgrunn fra det fremste fotballuniversitetet i Lisboa, for øvrig det samme som Jose Mourinho i sin tid var elev.

Gazimba holder på med en doktorgrad i idrettsvitenskap, men har nå tatt pause for å trene SIF 2 – rekruttlaget til Strømsgodset.

Vitor er med sin bakgrunn en spennende tilvekst i floraen av unge fotballtrenere i Norge.

MFK tok tradisjonen tro en liten samtale med bortelagets trener. Samtalen ble gjennomført på engelsk, og vi velger ikke å oversette til norsk for å beholde tonen og språklige poenger.

What is the status of SIF in general and SIF 2 at special as a football club per. July 2017?
– The focus of this interview is SIF 2, and in this regard, the most important to notice is that Strømsgodset has decided to use SIF 2 as a development arena for the youngest and more talented players of the club.

Which expectations do you have on behalf of SIF 2 for the season?
So far, the performances of SIF 2 have been in line with our expectations. Our main aim is to use the 3rd division to develop some of the youngest and most talented players of the club. We have regularly played with a very young team, and we are pleased with the development that our players have had since the beginning of the season. The amount of first team players used by SIF 2 during the season have been reduced to minimal, and is the lowest amount of the last years, what reflects exactly the development priorities of SIF 2.
According with our vision for SIF 2, we have also defined as goals, 1) end the season in Top 7 (middle table); 2) and enter in each game with the clear intention to share the match and compete, no matter who is the opponent. We know that due to the young age of our team we don’t enter in the most part of the games as favorites, but the fact that we always enter in each game with the intention to share the game, as developed in our players a competitive mindset (something that we consider crucial for a football carrier in high level).

What ambitions/goals does SIF2 have in a longer perspective?
– As a club, our intention is to keep using this arena as a development arena. We know the big amount of quality that we have inside of our club, and we intend to maintain giving to our young players all the opportunities that they need to succeed, and impress the A-team staff through the display of good collective and individual performances. A high level of performance in SIF 2 is seen by the club as a crucial step to take, to later arrive in our A-team. 

How many supporters do you think will follow SIF 2 to Moss this weekend?
– The city of Drammen and the Godset supporters have always had a very good connection with the young players of the club and are very enthusiastic about the possibility to see some of our young boys taking the step into the A-team. By that fact, we normally count with a good amount of support, especially when we play in home. When we play away, the amount of people that follow us is not that big, but we can always count with a loyal group of people that follow us everywhere. For them, we will do our best.

It is hard to predict, especially about the future; what teams do you consider to be top three by the end of the season in our division?
– I believe that Moss is the biggest favorite to end on the top of the table and go up. Not only because they are currently in the first position, but mainly because of the amount of individual quality that their players have. In my opinion Moss has by far the best group of players, and I believe that will make the difference. About the rest of the top 3, I think that the second and third place will be disputed by Kvik-Halden and Oppsal. Ørn Horten is also doing a very good championship and deserve credit for what they have accomplished so far, but the possibility of losing some key players during the summer can play a significant role in the competition for the top 3.

Moss FK wish SIF 2 and Vitor Gazimba welcome to Melløs.

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